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Merry Christmas love all the Boudettes, hope you all had a beautiful day.

We’ve started our sale today, allowing you to come down to the store to pick up some of our amazing one of pieces at a highly discounted price.

Boudoir Boutique stocks exclusive labels not to be found anywhere else in Liverpool, and to make way for our amazing Summer collection we’ve lowered the price of our Autumn/Winter range, unlike our high street neighbours you can find this seasons delights for half the price.



Liverpool’s X Factor star Rebecca Ferguson has visited Boudoir twice in the past two days to buy herself some early Christmas gifts and a beautiful Hayley Marsden hat which she intends to wear in her first performance since the show on the 27th December at Twickenham stadium.

Pictured above Rebecca’s coat is from the Darling range which Boudoir Boutique stocks exclusively.

Rebecca, who has been a fan of the store for years chatted casually with staff and signed autographs for fellow festive shoppers.



Australia Luxe Collective‘s mission is simple: To make their products the perfect marriage between luxury and comfort.

They have taken the standard Australian “ug” or “ugly” boot to a new level, adding customised embellishments such as fur, buttons and stud detail and they now have over 35 different styles to choose from.

They are also conscious about the environment, and are committed to the idea of being the “Responsible Luxury” brand. They support initiatives including: improved recycled EVA rubber soles, Organic Cotton bindings and finishings, chromium-free skins tanning process and recycled luxury packaging and advertising materials.

Therefore, it is hardly surprising to discover that a whole host of celebrities are sporting these stylish toe-toasters. To name a few; Miley Cyrus, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, Gwen Stefani, Kate Hudson, Megan Fox, Sienna Miller, Goldie Hawn, Kim Kardashian, Elle Macpherson and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Nordic Angel seems to be the most popular style going by these pics!

Available at Boudoir Boutique.
14 Cavern Walks,



Christmas is just around the corner and that means its time for revelry and merrymaking. But what’s the point of a good ol’ shindig if you don’t have the dress to match?

Earlier this year Alex Gerrard teamed up with Forever Unique to release a gorgeous 16-piece collection and we must admit, when we first saw them we were inspired!

Exclusively available at Boudoir Boutique in Liverpool, these dresses will provide the perfect glamour and elegance for your Work Christmas Party, Boxing Night out or New Years Eve.

Stand out from the crowd and be unique!



Looks like Father Christmas is bringing the North Pole to us this year as Liverpool City Centre resembles a scene out of ‘Ice Age’.

Snow boots are the only footwear we really need for this snowy season- in the past that’s meant wearing some monstrosities on your feet which are less than flattering nor fashionable (Ugg’s).

However now we have a saviour in the form of Australia Luxe Boots, the elegant and stylish way to keep our toes warm during the harsh winter months.

The 100% sheep skin lining promises to protect our feet from the frost, and allow us to carry on through the snow to pick up those last minute presents and find the perfect Boxing Night outfit.

Boudoir Boutique had nearly sold out of Australia Luxe boots but because we’ve been so good this year we’ve managed to get hold of a couple more pairs. Call 01512311424 to secure yours now.



We agree, Dr Zhivago, and I hope you don’t mind but we’ve stolen your style this week at Boudoir Boutique. Beautiful faux fur headbands that would warm any Russian in winter, let alone us Brits. These classic pieces are the perfect winter accessory and at only £25 each, I’m trying to find a reason not to get one.

With the Saluki style already sold out, we’re grateful for the just as fabulous Chinchilla headbands, now available in store in a range of colours.

So, move over Julie Christie, with our own fur cossacks, now we’re the stars of the show!

Rachel wears Saluki in grey (left), Amy wears Chinchilla in grey



p>True to our word, we present to you the newest delivery of Zandra Rhodes handbags. Christmas came early when un-wrapping these stunning bags and I couldn’t wait to share the joy, well it is the season of goodwill after all.

The Pearl 02

This chic shoulder bag will add vintage charm to any outfit. The smooth patent is embossed with the Zandra Rhodes safety pin & pearl print which is also mirrored in the unique pearl style metal chain strap detail. The sleek enamel lock stylishly keeps your possessions secure with an inner zip and mobile phone pocket, there will be no more panicking after a good night out. Beautifully finished with the signature fuchsia lining, it is all you could ask for in a bag.

The Opaline 02

The Opaline is so versatile as it can be carried over your arm or comfortably over the shoulder using the longer detachable chain strap, making this ideal for women always on the go or for those who ‘carry the world around’ in their handbags. The super cute shell shape clasp & ZR signature logo finishes this style perfectly, allowing this to be worn as an everyday bag without loosing its glamour.

‘Tis the season to spoil yourself and what better way to do it than picking up a Zandra Rhodes handbag stocked exclusively at Boudoir Boutique.



The beauty of Barbour is that whatever your own personal style, you will always find a Barbour item that sets off your look. These pictures prove that no matter what time of year it is, Barbour is always in style. Alexa Chung wore it to V Festival this summer past and Peaches Geldof was spotted sporting the same jacket at Glastonbury. Lily Allen even performed in it and wore it on a night out with friends recently over a little silky number.

Spotted in Barbour

So whether you’re out on the town, rocking a festival or walking your dog, Barbour always provides signature styling, making this brand a must-have for your wardrobe this season.

Available at Boudoir Boutique.



During this chilly winter getting out of bed is hard enough let alone bringing ourselves to pick out something fashionable and practical to protect us from the harsh weather. Thank goodness for this season’s Barbour collection.

What makes Barbour so special to us is its legendary durability, making each item almost endearing to the wearer.It is a tribute to the stylish dependability of Barbour that it’s held in high regard by so many, from country folk, cool urban fashionistas and even the Queen of England herself.

Now in store at Boudoir Boutique the jackets and accessories are selling fast and it’s not hard to see why.

Here, Boudette Louise Ward is wearing the Barbour Beadnell Wax jacket (£199.95) as seen on Alexa Chung. The Beadnell is a traditional Barbour Thornproof wax in an iconic Barbour style. This versatile jacket is suitable for all climates due to the interactive system of the zip in liner. This is complemented by the Barbour Pinstripe shirt (£59.99) and the Barbour Leather Business Tote Bag (£225).

Louise also wears the Barbour Ladies Baker Boy hat in Tartan (£34.95), a sweet temporary twist on the winter classic, and the Ladies Gun Stocking in Olive (or over-the-knee “pop” socks at £16.95).

And finally, although they’re not Barbour, we couldn’t help adding the gorgeous Italian leather Belstaff Trialmaster Boots (£395) to complete the look.

Amy's Coco Carlito tries Barbour on for size.

Barbour have even catered for our canine friends, pictured above, Coco Carlito models the Barbour Doggy Coat, so whatever the weather in the coming months, we can all keep our toes toasty.



What an amazing weekend we’ve had at Boudoir, regret eating so much icing- but the cupcakes were too delicious! Good job there was plenty of Rose tea to wash them down.

All the Boudettes had a lovely day; we would like to thank all involved in making the day such a massive success for Boudoir Boutique at Cavern Walks.

Amy Louise Keating who has been a huge Zandra Rhodes fan since studying her work at Art School was honored that the Fashion Legend wore one of her signature flower headbands, throughout the event.

Zandra commented “I love Liverpool and will visit again. I feel so at home in Boudoir with the girls I love my flower headband, it reminds me of the 60’s. I wish I would have stayed over.”

After leaving the store Zandra Rhodes was escorted by Burlesque dancer Millie Dollar to a VIP area in Cavern Walks where she signed handbags and postcards for waiting fans.

The atmosphere was incredible, and everyone laughed along with Zandra and Millie as they danced around together.

Zandra was on her feet for the entire event as she loved the energy within the centre, and enjoyed the intimate bag signing, her fans did not disappoint as they queued patiently to have the Queen of Fashion sign their handbags.