During this chilly winter getting out of bed is hard enough let alone bringing ourselves to pick out something fashionable and practical to protect us from the harsh weather. Thank goodness for this season’s Barbour collection.

What makes Barbour so special to us is its legendary durability, making each item almost endearing to the wearer.It is a tribute to the stylish dependability of Barbour that it’s held in high regard by so many, from country folk, cool urban fashionistas and even the Queen of England herself.

Now in store at Boudoir Boutique the jackets and accessories are selling fast and it’s not hard to see why.

Here, Boudette Louise Ward is wearing the Barbour Beadnell Wax jacket (£199.95) as seen on Alexa Chung. The Beadnell is a traditional Barbour Thornproof wax in an iconic Barbour style. This versatile jacket is suitable for all climates due to the interactive system of the zip in liner. This is complemented by the Barbour Pinstripe shirt (£59.99) and the Barbour Leather Business Tote Bag (£225).

Louise also wears the Barbour Ladies Baker Boy hat in Tartan (£34.95), a sweet temporary twist on the winter classic, and the Ladies Gun Stocking in Olive (or over-the-knee “pop” socks at £16.95).

And finally, although they’re not Barbour, we couldn’t help adding the gorgeous Italian leather Belstaff Trialmaster Boots (£395) to complete the look.

Amy's Coco Carlito tries Barbour on for size.

Barbour have even catered for our canine friends, pictured above, Coco Carlito models the Barbour Doggy Coat, so whatever the weather in the coming months, we can all keep our toes toasty.