With trimmings ranging from feathers, beads, fur, flowers and even chandeliers, Hayley Marsden’s hats are hard to miss.

Stocked exclusively at Boudoir Boutique, these beautiful works of art are ideal to complete an outfit with such individuality and style, you can’t help but feel special when wearing one. Hayley’s personal inscription within each hat: “You were born an original” epitomises the concept behind them.

Hayley’s passion for designing hats has been a ten year love affair and she has her own home studio for creating them.

More recently, she gained a star following in the form of Rebecca Ferguson. Rebecca has been spotted out and about in Liverpool sporting Hayley’s hats and has also worn them at several of her performances.

In an interview with the Liverpool Echo Hayley said of her new fan: “She’s so talented and so genuine, it’s great how much she loves my hats and I couldn’t ask for anyone better to wear them.” Read the rest of the interview here.

We at Boudoir Boutique are proud to have Hayley as one of our designers and are especially looking forward to her upcoming ‘Biker’ collection that is going to be full of leather and plastics. In the meantime, pop in to the store to have a peek at the current ‘Velvet’ collection.

Louise Kavanagh with Hayley Marsden