When I grow up.. I want to live in a palace ..

Rockstar or royalty or just absolutely fabulous, Boudoir Boutique offers the finest interiors to make your home as divine as you.

Boudoir Boutique is not only known for its unique collection of designer and collectable items of clothing, but also its unique interiors. It has developed quite a name for itself in the interior world.

With in-house interior designer Louise Kavanagh available upon request to source anything from the most amazing chandeliers to stunning gilded mirrors and the most magical out-of-this-world wall designs.  With an impressive client list ranging from Restaurants, Bars, Hair Salons and Homes, Boudoir Boutique has became a popular, sought after brand with a huge celebrity following.

Exhilarating chic with a touch of opulence..

Be sure to pay a visit in store this season and have a look at some of our new arrivals I would recommend the crystal table chandeliers for a stunning centerpiece this christmas.. straight out of Vogue..!

Love Boudoir Bardot