Fashionable Ladies & Fancy Tea on board the Titanic

April 14th 2012 marked the anniversary of 100 years since the Titanic cruise liner collided with an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean.

On board passengers of riches and luxury were fashionable during the “gilded age” of the early twentieth century, and first-class passage on the maiden voyage of the great transatlantic liner was among the heights of that fashion amongst the upper classes. The decor of Titanic’s accommodation replicated the high fashion of yesteryears.

The fashionable ladies on board the Titanic were aware that a well-known American fashion correspondent, Edith Russell, was travelling with trunks full of French couturière for American clients.

At Boudoir Boutique we have a selection of fine gowns perfect for a first class passenger on board the legendary Titanic.

We also have a beautiful array of fine dining Tea sets which we could imagine on board the Titanic whilst the ladies enjoy their afternoon tea.