INUIKII : The Beauty Of The Cold

Fur lined sneakers – £225


«INU» as a word means attractive or is also used for the describing word «girl».

IKII on the other hand represents the cold and cosy side of the boots, «cold» in the language of the Inuit.

Both words are a short story of what the boots are and will be in future: the beauty of the cold!

Cold feet are unheard of for anyone who wears the lambskin-lined INUIKII BOOTS – some prefer to wear them barefoot, enjoying the unique feel of bare skin in direct contact with the fine natural fleece.

The basis of every Inuikii winter boot is the lambskin inner shoes in combination with a patented natural-rubber sole. Everything else, the outer shell of the shoe, is varied, is Inuikii. Is feminine, is hippie yet chic, is one of-a-kind is INUIKII.

Sequin Inuikki moon boots – £245.

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