What an amazing weekend we’ve had at Boudoir, regret eating so much icing- but the cupcakes were too delicious! Good job there was plenty of Rose tea to wash them down.

All the Boudettes had a lovely day; we would like to thank all involved in making the day such a massive success for Boudoir Boutique at Cavern Walks.

Amy Louise Keating who has been a huge Zandra Rhodes fan since studying her work at Art School was honored that the Fashion Legend wore one of her signature flower headbands, throughout the event.

Zandra commented “I love Liverpool and will visit again. I feel so at home in Boudoir with the girls I love my flower headband, it reminds me of the 60’s. I wish I would have stayed over.”

After leaving the store Zandra Rhodes was escorted by Burlesque dancer Millie Dollar to a VIP area in Cavern Walks where she signed handbags and postcards for waiting fans.

The atmosphere was incredible, and everyone laughed along with Zandra and Millie as they danced around together.

Zandra was on her feet for the entire event as she loved the energy within the centre, and enjoyed the intimate bag signing, her fans did not disappoint as they queued patiently to have the Queen of Fashion sign their handbags.